The Nebula-III

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Meet Mike Nass- teenager, intergalactic racer, and all-around nice guy. If there's a race to be had, be it darting through asteroid belts, running tight-orbit laps around celestial bodies, or low-alititude cliff-dodging, he's there. Nasty singularities near the course? No problem. Top-notch competition from experienced professionals? No sweat. Vile criminals willing to do anything to win? No worries.

His ship is the Nebula III, funded by the Exploriens Alliance. Young Mike's first two seasons have proven his worth as a skilled and resourceful racer, potentially as good as his mother, Holly. She is a highly-ranked professional, and just last year Mike almost beat her in the Betelgeuse Tri-Enviro. He held a steady lead through the urban and suborbital legs, but lost control on a dangerous atmosphere skip maneuver heading into the moon shot.

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Front /right Front Rear
Top Left Right
Front/left Engines Rear/left
Climbing up, cockpit detail Opening the cargo door Personal defense
Bottom, gear deployed Bottom, gear stowed Hair box
Take the seat out... ...and Jack Stone fits! Eek, Duplo people too!

This is my first attempt at a studless vehicle, and I'm really pleased with it. I wanted to make something that had a really clean look, interesting construction and detailing throughout, and good play value. The result is a ship with studs-outward sections on the front and rear, working landing gear, and two storage compartments. One is on the top of the front section, and is just big enough to hide a sidearm. The other is hidden on the underside, and its only purpose is to store the minifig hair while the pilot is wearing a helmet.

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