2-Wide Diesel Freight Train

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Here is another micro train- and no, it won't run on Lego tracks. Each unit is modeled after a full-sized train car that I found on Jake McKee's website, Bricks on the Brain. Here are links to the full-sized models on his site: Locomotive (JHM-23 v2), Boxcar, and Centerbeam Car.

I did one thing here I thought I'd never do... I modified a Lego piece. I could not find a reasonable replacement for the end rails on the locomotive, so I took a clear panel and used a black marker to make it look like a rail piece. The effect is quite nice on the real thing as long as you don't look too closely. I made a pair of these, and there is a closeup of them at the bottom of the page.
Side note here- rubbing alcohol can remove ink, at least ink that has been on a part for only an hour or so. It may still be possible to salvage these parts!

In addition to Jake's full size creations, I have to credit John Neal's kids for inspiration. A couple of years ago, John's brickshelf folder had a gallery of 2-wide trains. Alas, the folder is gone now. I don't know when he took it down, and I'd love to check it again... to see if I inadvertently cloned their stuff too closely and to see how they did their end rails.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Front angle of the consist Side view of the consist Rear angle of the consist
Locomotive Boxcar Center Beam car
Locomotive again, front angle Locomotive again, rear angle Boxcar, angle view
Detail inside boxcar Center Beam car, angle view Underside detail
Aack!  Custom parts! Presentation Instruction sheets

Instructions: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.
The instructions are laid out for printing directly from IE on letter sized paper in landscape orientation on the printer I had available when I made the originals. You may have to muck with your printer's page layout to get everything to fit on your printer. Note that the images presented here are much lower resolution than the originals- 9 images per page at 2Mb each isn't reasonable for web browsing.
I created the instructions using ldraw, MLCAD, and POV-Ray. For more info on these, see ldraw.org for ldraw and MLCAD and povray.org for POV-Ray.

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