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L.O.C.O. - Low-Orbit Cargo Operator (added April 12, 2006)
This is a small shunter for moving cargo around in orbit.
Gondolas (Added January 10, 2005)
These gondolas look great when you fill a bunch with bricks and run them around a layout at low speed.
Container Car (Added January 10, 2005)
Here's a simple container car.
Piggyback Car (Added January 10, 2005)
It's even less prototypical than the container car, but it does add some variation to my cargo train.
Black/White/Green European Switcher (Added May 3, 2005)
Another simple locomotive, cloned and recolored from the Red/Grey European Switcher.
Doodle Express Locomotive (Added May 3, 2005)
This tiny yellow switcher was designed to be as simple and sturdy as possible so that my 6-year-old son could run it safely.
European Switcher (Added Mar. 4, 2005)
It's just a simple little locomotive.
2-Wide Diesel Freight Train
My second 2-wide train is modeled after more current rolling stock.
Classic Space Train, V1
It's a train. It's in space. Stop looking at me like that.
Woodhall Express
This is a blue/white/black passenger train with 4 large cars (large for 6-wide, at least!)
2-Wide Steam Train
As promised, I did a steam engine. But this one clearly won't be pulling my wild west cars.
2-Axle PNLTC Caboose
Here's a cute addition to the club locomotive I did a while back.
Wild West Open Livestock Car
I've always eyed the wonderful Wild West displays that Matt and John bring to our shows, thinking that I could at least make some rolling stock to run around their track. Here's my start.
My latest 9v locomotive is another loose interpretation of a real-world machine. It features some pretty wonky studs-sideways construction.
PNLTC #1969
I'm very happy with my first 9v locomotive. It is jam-packed with cool features!
Perpetual Duplo Motion
This is a device for stopping and starting Duplo trains automatically. Its primary purpose, however, is to defeat the built-in timer that halts the trains after 4 minutes without human intervention.
Duplo Train and Station
My kids love to play with the Duplo train that we keep at Grandma's house. I decided to make a station to go with it, though the kids did it in pretty quickly when they got the chance!
4.5v Heavy Freight Train
Here's my second 1975-ish styled train. It is shown pulling 3 freight cars.
4.5v Tourist Train
My third 70's Lego train just pulls one passenger car. The locomotive is a recreation of the one in set 171, the first Lego train set my brothers and I got in... Christmas 1978?
4.5v Diesel Locomotive with Refrigerated Car
This is the train I had running around the blue-tracked circuit at PNLTC's Guinness world record-setting event in August 2000.
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