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This model is a loose interpretation of a GP7 locomotive. EMD manufactured over 2700 of these in the late 40's and early 50's. As with my FP45, I copied the basic shape of the locomotive, but didn't try to model specific features such as correct count and positioning of vents, fans, etc.

This locomotive premiered at the PNLTC display in Legoland California- a wonderful place for the maiden... voyage?

The cab and the centerline sections are normal studs-up construction, but the side walls are primarily studs-outward. The reasons for the studs-sideways construction are 1) it was the easiest way to get a decent split-nose shape; and 2) I wanted to use some of the funky slopes with plate backings from the 4561 blue and white passenger train. I had never owned any of these elements before and I wanted to see what they could do. Once I started the design, I found that I could take advantage of the stud turning to do side striping in a unique way.

I think this is the first time I've ever done primary design with virtual bricks and done the Lego construction afterwards. The final product is almost identical to the one I build in MLCAD. Yes, I must confess that I feel like I've lost a couple of purity points.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Front 3/4 view Closeup of the nose Closeup of the rear venting
Side, showing the striping job quite well Front and rear ends Top view
Check out the messy internal construction of the nose! The inside rear is even wackier. There is a leather seat, but no other interior details.

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